The Institute for Diversity and Inclusion,
Hiroshima University

About Our Centers

About Our Centers

The Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice

The Center was established to conduct basic and practical research in the field of special needs education and the development of teaching materials; to provide educational consultation and clinical care, clinical guidance for students majoring in special needs education and training for in-service teachers and others; and to contribute to local education and welfare in collaboration with relevant institutions.

Research Center for Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to research, education and support for a society that is inclusive of diverse people. By carrying out projects across disciplines with a focus on problem-solving, we foster knowledge and skills to lead such a society.

Accessibility Center

The Accessibility Center is responsible for supporting the accessibility (e.g. ease of learning) of diverse students in their studies, education, human resource development, promotion projects, networking projects, research and development related to accessibility.