The Institute for Diversity and Inclusion,
Hiroshima University



Developing an inclusive mindset
and achieving wellbeing

The world is home to people with diverse cultures and backgrounds. The Institute for Diversity and Inclusion to build a society where everyone respects each other’s individuality and values, and where everyone can live their own lives. This organization consists of The Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice, Research Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and the Accessibility Center. As a world-leading educational and research base, we are engaged in a variety of educational and research activities.

Hiroshima University Head of the Institute/Executive Vice President (Education and Peacebuilding) SUZUKI Yumiko

Management Department・Well-being promotion office

Norimune Kawai, Head of Management Department/
Well-being promotion office/Professor

The Center for Special Needs Education Research and Practice

In order to promote inclusive education systems not only domestically but also internationally. This Center promotes joint research and teacher training in collaboration with overseas institutions.

Hiroyoshi Kinoshita, Center Director/Professor

Research Center for Diversity and Inclusion

We collaborate with diverse people who share D&I interests across disciplines and positions for research and education.

Machiko Oike, Center Director/Professor

The Accessibility Center

We promote education, support, research and collaborative projects in which D&I lives up to the theme of ‘accessibility that opens up possibilities’.

Mikio Yamamoto, Center Director/Associate Professor